Latest Exhibition

Rodney Zelenka

Curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos and Elga Wimmer
November 17th – December 22nd, 2022

Tenri Cultural Institute (New York)
Tenri Cultural Institute

43A West 13th Street, New York, NY

Previous Exhibitions

EVERYTHING IS ART, EVERYTHING IS POLITICS (AI WEIWEI) - Julius Deutschbauer, Gala Knoerr, Liliana Porter, Carolee Schneemann, Federico Solmi, Marina Vargas, Wolf Vostell and Rodney Zelenka

Dragons and Maidens - Sobin Park

Human Nature: Pefka and Sycamore (drawings, paintings and painted drawings) - Mary Hrbacek

A Few of My Favorite Things - Lydia Dona, Heide Hatry, Richard Humann, Carolee Schneemann, Jonathan Singer, Soon-yeal Yang


“Rumor” - Luiz D’Orey (Curated by Flavia Tamoyo)

SUMMER LOVE - An Exhibition of Works by Anna Rakhmangulova and Olga Ozerskaya

Wandering in the Crossroads - An Exhibition of Qian Wu's Recent Works

PAIN(T)HREE - Lydia Dona, Lynne Golob Gelfman, Carmen Neely

A Walk in the Clouds - Liu Chunbing

Rhapsody in Red - Yang Soon-yeal

New Works - James Greco

Drift-Float — Curated by Chenlin Cai
Minyu Chen, Chenlin Cai, Xianfan Li, Xiangdong Shi, Cong Liu, Shenghui Lin, Yali Liao, Yuntian Xie, Michelle Zhuomin Cai Sun, Bei Lyu

Three - Some - Thing — Jonny Detiger, Nevil Dwek, Beatrice Pediconi

Bloom / Wilt / Bloom - Curated by Michele Mack and Elga Wimmer
Joseph Arthur, Donald Baechler, Inma Barrero, Crash, Mark Demuro, Michael G. Enns, Sheva Fruitman, Heide Hatry, Hilton Brothers, Alex Katz, Scott Kilgour, Jeff Koons, Carlos Rolondzine, Donald Sheridan, Jonathan Singer, Paul Solberg, Donald Sultan, Andy Warhol

West By West - Shirley West

Ghetto Fab - Dr. Jonathan Singer

Soft Power - Aisha Bell, Sharon Lockhart, Kerri Scharlin, Carolee Schneemann, Anita Sieff, Carol Szymanski & Nicola L

Free Form Five - Sandra Gottlieb, Sharon Kagan, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Rebeca Calderón Pittman & Susan Sommer

Diaspora, Drifting and Accumulation: Long-Bin Chen Sculptural Works

Face to Face - Strong-Cuevas

Silver Lining: 25 Years of Art

The Next Step - Maelee Lee

Daily Routines - breadedEscalope (functional art collective, Vienna)

Mirror Test - Osmo Rauhala

Nicola L and The New Millennium: The Head, La Tête, La Cabeza, Il Capo, Der Kopf. A long day's journey to the end of the skin - Nicola L

20 UNDER 20 Younger Than Rimbaud - Curated by Elga Wimmer and Robert Curcio
Cole Billik, Ewan Creed, Catalina Covacevich, Kiara Dunkley, Rebecca Finley, Charlotte Fox, Atlanta Japp, Ainsley Kass, Sophia Klebnikov, Talia Kirsh, Evan Sebastian Lagache, Anna Lee, Lola Loening, Jessica Lu, Kathryn McLane, Samantha Peck-Sanders, Nora Peachin, Lily Pinchbeck, Livy Porter, Maia Roman, Ajani Russel, Willa Schwabsky, Ellie Start Manos, Atticus Wakefield

a distance as close as it can be - Carol Szymanski

From Water to Light Richard Humann, Triny Prada

Just Married Les Rogers

60 Americans - Curated by Noah Becker, Terrence Sanders & Alexander Venet
Bobby Neel Adams, ShinYoung An, Michael Anderson, Anita Arliss, Jessica Barroso-Gomez, Noah Becker, Johanna Breiding, Shannondoah Buckley, Clayton Campbell, Ori Carino, Joe Castro, Eteri Chkadua, Mike Cockrill, Marcia Cooper, Kenny Cole, Stephen Collier, Gregory de la Haba, Michelle Elmore, Donna Festa, Nicholas Galanin, Tatiana Garmendia, Jenne Glover, Ronald Hall, Randall Henry, Musa Hixson, Heidi Howard, Mike Jacobs, Marcus Jansen, Chris Justice, Stephanie Keith, Nimai Kesten, Bruce Keyes, Lali Khalid, Miru Kim, Maria Kreyn, Adam Krueger, Hayoon Jay Lee, Daniel Maidman, Jamie Martinez, Michael Massenburg, Shiri Mordechay, Rebecca Morgan, AJ Nadel, Alex Podesta, Robert Preston, Rajko Radovanovic, Terrence Sanders, Tom Sanford, Sol Sax, Cheryl Schainfeld, Satomi Shirai, Jamel Shabazz, Aaron Skolnick, Jansson Stegner, Lynn Stein, Dan Tague, Betty Tompkins, Sam Trioli, Jonathan Viner, The Citizen X

Atmosphere in White - Nicola L.

Resonance and Memory: The Essence of Landscape - Kathleen Elliot, Sandra Gottlieb, J.J. L’Heureux, John Lyon Paul, Rebeca Calderón Pittman, Gerry Tuten, Gail Watkins, and Martin Weinstein

HABITAT - Ulla Enevoldsen and Vibeke Fuglsang-Damgaard

XXL EXTRA EXTRA LARGE - Lydia Dona, James T. Greco, Richard Humann, Nicola L, Gerard Mossé, Osmo Rauhala

DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS - Yolanda Dominguez • Sean Fader • Nate Hill • Richard Jochum • Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares

Landscape, Memory and Desire - Elly Cho

Rainbo Conversation - Béatrice Cussel

Dinorah Delfin - honoring her friend and mentor Chuck Close (first solo exhibition)

Recent Paintings - Gerard Mosse

Ganges Sand - Yibin Tian

Geometry and Gesture - Jaqueline Cedar, Laura Greengold, Kelsey Harrington, John Monteith, Sobin Park, Devin Powers, Peggy Tan, Eduardo Terranova, Victoria Usle, and Brian Zegeer

Dream in a Secret Garden - Mixed media from 24 Asian artists

Heads and Tales - Heide Hatry

You Must Be This Tall - Richard Humann

No Bull - Janine Gordon

The Harvest of Spring Blossoms - Selections from the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy at The Chelsea Art Museum - Curated by Terresa Liu Snyder and Elga Wimmer

Figuratively Speaking 3 - Heidi McFall, Sidi El Karachi, Philippe Nuell, Ryan Russo, Sherry Wong

The Evil Empire - Federico Solmi

Bloblove - Karim Rashid

Out of the Box - Carolee Schneemann, Heide Hatry, Regina José Gallindo, Sonia Khurana, He Cheng Yao, Minette Vári

Vigil - Minette Vári

Stunting - Janine Gordon

Karim Rashid

Body Politics

Joyce Pensato

Faces & Figures

Tomorrow is a Long Place and a Perfect Day - Daniel Blaufuks

Cinema Motel - Daniel Blaufuks

Otra Piel (Second Skin) - Victoria Civera

Abstraction with a Twist

Signs Symbols & Codes

Cockshut Dummy - Carol Szymanski

Broken English - Richard Humann

System Complexity - Osmo Rauhala

Pop Politics Power - Robert Boyd, Martha Rosler, Carolee Schneeman

Figuratively Speaking I - (Shiva Ahmadi, Victoria Civera, Joyce Pensato, Laura Sue Phillips, Arlene Textaqueen, Terry Rodgers, Liao Yu-An)

Figuratively Speaking II - (Kim McCarty, Koji Shimizu, Mia Enell, So-Bin Park, Viky Usle)

Curatorial Projects

Highlights of CAM (at the Chelsea Art Museum)

Streetwise (at the Chelsea Art Museum)

Abstraction Revisited

Nature Interrupted

We Are the World

Francisco de Goya: “Los Caprichos” and “Here Comes the Bogey-man”