Geometry & Gesture

January 21 — February 27, 2010

Jaqueline Cedar, Laura Greengold, Kelsey Harrington, John Monteith, Sobin Park, Devin Powers, Peggy Tan, Eduardo Terranova, Victoria Usle, and Brian Zegeer.

Geometry & Gesture is a group show of young international artists curated by Kelsey Harrington and Elga Wimmer. The exhibition brings together work with a sense of underlying geometry in a wide range of subject matter. The artists share common processes of experimentation and free play, which result in inventive representations of the world. The works consist of contradictory elements - geometric order and chaos, figuration and abstraction, the garish and the restrained, while remaining focused on qualities of formal material integrity. The show creates an open framework for painting, drawing, and video to allow the potential for new unexpected connections and perspectives.

“In the unity of the chaos and the diagram is the discovery of rhythm as matter and material.”

Gilles Deleuze

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Geometry and Gesture