Victoria Civera


Elga Wimmer PCC 526 West 26, #310, New York, NY 10001 Tel 212 206 0006, Fax 212 459 4352

“Otra Piel (“Second Skin”) is Victoria Civera’s first solo exhibition in New York since 1998. The artist, well known also for her installations and sculptures, shows a series of startling new paintings from 2003 and 2004.

“Much of her work tells stories that are full of absence and the partially defined. Subtlety and ambiguity are constants. These are the sites from where she is able to tease the imagination, providing the spectator with clues but never with the complete answer. What Civera seeks to do is to alter the forms as well as the content of social discourse. She treats the spectator as intimate and keeps us close to the rhythms of daily life.”(Kevin Power, “Vicky Civera: The Virtue of a Strange Lucidity,”2003).

In “Sky Blue Eyes” a colorful female face looks out from a small oval against a grey background. The eyes of the woman are empty, sky-blue with no detail or anatomical reference. The painting can be seen as a kind of mirror, where the viewer looks at him/herself with no eyes, as if seeing a ghost of his/her own reflected image. In “Supersize Model” Civera deals with the idea of desire and proportion, referencing fashion. The painting is dominated by a woman’s leg in green stockings and an extravagant high-heeled shoe, a delicate female figure gazes dreamily at the spectre. “Mal de Hem” was inspired by a work of the Moroccan author Mernissi, evoking a place where women go to rest, for they are suffering from melancholic moods (as in Shirin Neshat’s “Pulse”). These women are cured only by silence and beauty. “Jumping, Dropping and Skipping Pills”(see above) draws inspiration from contemporary graphic design as well as architectural forms, with overlapping horizontal elements and gigantic, white pills.

Victoria Civera has shown at the Museo Nacional Centro de Art Reina Sofia in Madrid, Le Quartier Centre d’Art Contemporain, Quimper, France, the Hamburger Bahnhof, Germany, the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, as well as MACBA in Barcelona.